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One of the major problems of the woman's body is the anatomical situation of her genitourinary system, which gets infections easily. ROSEMINE vaginal douche is one of the healthcare products which are produced by Kempetro. It is a unique formula balanced with vaginal PH.

Its uses are for treatment of:
1- Bacteria Vaginosis(BV), Yeast infection(genital candidiasis),
Trichomoniasis, Atrophicvaginitis, Non-infectious vaginitis.

2- After finishing period as an anti-septic.

3- After fixing the loop to prevent infection.

4- After sexual intercourse, especially for women who are allergic to semen.

5- After using pessaries and vaginal creams for cleaning.

Directions to use
One cup(15ml) add to one liter warm water & applied as vaginal douche.

200 ml plastic bottle easy to use.

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